Our History

Established as a joint venture in 2019, Lotus Archi is an exemplar of collaborative effort in the gold industry. Being in a rather straight forward industry, each business owner has to continuously seek ways to better serve the purpose of the company, and for both Lotus Lingga Pratama and Archi Group, this multidisciplinary joint venture is the long-awaited answer. Conjoining both companies’ capabilities and experience in their respective field, Lotus Archi aims to bring added value, not just to the general public as the customers, but also to the competition, which will further advance the industry forward.

Lotus Archi is dedicated to bring highest quality gold products, as an answer to an everincreasing demand fro the customers casual and investors alike. Combining the experience of customer-based products by Lotus Lingga Pratama and the gold mining operational prowess of Archi Group, Lotus Archi promises an end-to-end line that is not just effective and efficient, but also delivers end products with competitive edges, ready to conquer both national and international market. Having built from experienced teams, Lotus Archi is also determined to acquire and nurture new talents, enabling the company to adapt to the fast pace of today’s consumer industry.